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When I read the story of Jada, so many emotions took hold of me. Anger, disgust, frustration, and sadness…Once again, a young Black girl’s body had been violated in the worst of ways. Even worse, her assault went viral on social media. Her assault went viral (the fact that the words assault and viral are being used in the same sentence makes me view humanity with a new level of disgust). Jada is fighting against her attackers and she is reclaiming her narrative and body.

Rape culture is real. Sexual violence is real. Gender-based violence is real. The continuing legacy of sexual brutalization of Black girls and Black women in this country is real. The sooner we acknowledge these truths, the sooner we can begin to dismantle the systems that continue to perpetuate rape culture.

She is fighting. The least we can do is stand by her and fight with her.

#IAmJada #StandWithJada

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